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Posted By: Wesley S
21-Apr-06 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Johnny Cash - How come an icon?
Subject: RE: Johnny Cash - How come an icon?
Danks - Let me repeat my earlier post :

I guess I'm concerned about the reason for this thread in the first place Danks. Are you hoping to learn more about Johnny Cash so your current opinion will be changed and you'll understand why many people consider him to be an icon ? Or are you trolling ? This has been a rather volatile website lately so I had to ask. We have a similar thread about the Dubliners running now. What's the point ?

There are a lot of other similar threads we could start like "Why is Madonna consider an icon ?" or even "Cher sucks". I for one have never understood Richard Thompson's appeal. A lot of folks like him. I don't. It just never occurred to me to start a thread trashing the taste of folks who like Richard Thompson.

No one's asking you to love Johnny Cash. But wouldn't your time be better spent by telling us why you think Merle Haggard is a major talent instead of telling us why we shouldn't like Johnny Cash ? Let me know your thoughts on all of this.