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Posted By: Dave'sWife
21-Apr-06 - 02:16 PM
Thread Name: Johnny Cash - How come an icon?
Subject: RE: Johnny Cash - How come an icon?
Ron Olesko had summed it all up and quite succinctly. All I have to add is that if you are judging him based on the way the movie represented him, you would be making a huge mistake. That film is not a very accurate representation of his life.

First and foremost, nobody close to him called him "John" or "Johnny". They called him J.R. which is his actual given name. No, June Carter did not come up with the title to 'I Walk the Line" in an angry retort to a drunk J.R. - he wrote that song for his first wife before he was even invloved with June. I could go on, but I won't because most people who respect him already know these things and others. The film is unfortunately, his youngest child's revisionist views of his parent's courtship and lives. A&E Network in the USA has a wonderful 2 hour Biograppy of Cash that is much more truthful and accurate. Watch that instead and you'll hear from his close family members and fellow musicians. The photos and footage of Cash in his early career are great.

Now that I'm, done ranting about the film, let me say this:

I believe Danks might come to appreciate Cash as a songwriter much more by listening to the Tribute album of covers KINDRED SPIRITS. Some of the covers on that CD truly showcase the melodies he wrote which were often downlpayed on his own recordings. Songs such as "I Still miss Someone" (often recalled as "I'll never forget those blue eyes" here on Mudcat), "Give My love To Rose", "Flesh & Blood" and more. Also as ragged as the performance is, i adore Bob Dylan's version of 'Train of Love" a Cash gem that isn't hauled out very often. Check it out OP.

I'll leave it to Ron to continue to defend Cash's worthiness as an icon. I'm just blathering.