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Posted By: The Shambles
19-Apr-06 - 02:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: I may disagree with what you say -
Subject: RE: BS: I may disagree with what you say -
The key word here is 'debate'. IMHO these threads are no longer a debate, merely a rehashing of your own personal gripes with the people who manage this site, with Max's blessing.

Those who you describe as managing the site - I have no gripe with at all.

Would you not accept that there is a difference between the site proper and the forum open for contributions from the public?

As our forum is simply that - what 'management' does it require?

If I do have a gripe it is with certain of my fellow posters who do not understand such a simple concept and who have constantly tried to shape our forum to reflect their personal taste and requirements by imposing them on their fellow posters. And who feel they have some right to publicly judge the worth of any poster who may express a different view, to subject them to abuse and encourage others to follow this example.

You may think that threads of over 100 posts would be a debate - but the majority of posts are simply results of an 'official' policy that encourages posting only of personal judgements of the worth of certain fellow posters or sad attempts to intentionally divert the thread's subject to something else and posted encouragements of such attempts.

Why not simply ignore any thread that is not to your taste?