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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
13-Apr-06 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hobos, Bums and Tramps
Subject: RE: BS: Hobos, Bums and Tramps
Dang: I read an intreresting article just on this topic (unfortunately, it was many years ago.) Part of the distinction is whether or not the person works for a living. I expect that Bums look for handouts. Hoboes travel around the country but are willing to work for food. Not sure where that leaves tramps.

In the article, they talked about the colorful nicknames that all hoboes have. The nickname they use for Jesus is Jerusalem Slim. It prompted me to write this song..

Jerusalem Slim

You can find him by the campfires late at night
Or wading in the river in the morning light
And he always took the time to lend a hand
He was kinda slow movin' for a travelin' man
And thought he never had a dime to lend
He never met a man he didn't call a friend


   No sooner did he come than he'd be gone
   And he never had a home to call his own
   So if you get in trouble you can call on him
   'Cause you never had a friend like Jerusalem Slim

Jerusalem Slim, he was long and tall
And every down-and-outer, well he knew them all
And even though he never had a dime to lend
He never met a man he didn't call a friend

Now, living on the road is nothing new
But if you need a hand just to get you through
If you're feeling down and you're all alone
Well, he knows all about it, 'cause he's walked that road