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Posted By: GUEST,AR282
09-Apr-06 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Book of Judas
Subject: RE: BS: Book of Judas
I'll tell you what I don't believe and maybe this will clear up a few misconceptions you and your supporters have.

When you argue or debate points and issues with someone, you stick to the facts that are presented. If you cannot trump them, you admit defeat.

What you don't do is ask this person, "How old are you, you sound like me when I was in my twenties." Translation: You're obviously immature because you disagree with me on this issue of which I feel strongly and, of course, I'm light years ahead of you and have discarded that way of thinking long ago." That wouldn't be so annoying if you could offer a decent rationale for having abandoned the view you claim you once held but you cannot. So your remark amounts to little more than an ad hominem attack. You can't debate the evidence so you question the other person's maturity as though they did something far more terrible than disagree with you and offer their evidence for taking that position.

And when someone is not religious and disbelieves Christianity it is entirely inappropriate to then accuse that person of lashing out because they were abused by their parents. I found that unbelievably callous and uncalled for. I disbelieve because I have a brain and it has reviewed the evidence and found it wanting. That is all there is to it. Please leave my parents out of it, they have nothing to do with my views.

We who disbelieve are not whining out of some gut emotional reaction as you claim but have thought our position through quite carefully. It is you going on emotion because you can't offer any intellectual rationale for the views you hold and when you do it is easily picked apart.

Such statements betray an inability to debate the evidence and an even bigger inability to admit defeat gracefully. Your response is then to attack the other person's character for having committed no bigger of a transgression than having disagreed with you and being able to offer evidence for why they did.

It is not only insulting, it is a waste of an intelligent person's time to argue with so childish and undeveloped a mind as yours hidden under a veneer of liberalism. The liberalism changes to suit your core message which never changes and is fundamentalist in nature.