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Posted By: Little Hawk
07-Apr-06 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Book of Judas
Subject: RE: BS: Book of Judas
Pied, you are a very literal-minded person. Yes, Krishna as he is now depicted in Hindu art, etc, is clearly a mythological god figure. However, I suspect that there was a real such physical person in ancient times in India who got the ball rolling, so to speak, by being a pretty remarkable teacher (like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and all the others) and then the embellishments and mythology about Krishna were gradually added on and enlarged upon after the fact by the next however many generations of his followers. THAT is what I mean when I assert that Krisha existed. He most probably did, but I don't mean that he had blue skin or whatever other extraordinary stuff you see written about him in the Hindu legends...

Paul Burke - NEVER make the mistake that people who like to talk about Jesus and are impressed by his teachings must necessarily be Christians. That is not so. Jesus is tremendously respected and revered by a great many people who are not Christians at all, but are independent thinkers, or people in any variety of non-Christian traditions, specially those of the East. Muslims, by the way, also highly respect Jesus. He's one of their most important prophets, but not as important in their view as Mohammed, obviously.

If your past has filled you with anger or contempt for the Christian church (as it has many), then that will obviously skew your views and reactions every time the subject of Jesus comes up, won't it? That's what's called having a chip on your shoulder. We've all got a few of those.