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Posted By: GUEST,Ron Davies
04-Apr-06 - 11:01 PM
Thread Name: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Subject: RE: Classical music - what makes you listen?

Yes, Hovhaness is great. I remember a classical station used to start it's midnight program with I think it's "Magic Mountain"--did he write a piece on that?--and it was so peaceful, mysterious, and ethereal-- but still not "New Age" --used to think it was a perfect choice.

What do you get when you play Phillip Glass backwards? Phillip Glass . (I'm sure you've heard that one)

Parkening is wonderful, isn't he? Wasn't he a student of Segovia? Sounds like a great first date, all right! And that was a dream job--as classical DJ. I've thought about that too.

Bat Goddess-

It's true an annoying number of formerly classical stations have gone to all-talk format--whether or not it makes economic sense, they must think it does. But WETA locally (DC area) which has done that, has cut itself off from any contribution from me--and a lot of

But Mudcat has stepped in. Carol's suggestion is a great idea--it is in fact 24 hours classical--and no ads--although, of course, appeals for support--they now get from me more than WETA used to.

Charlie Baum had another one--VPR (Vermont Public Radio)--which is also heavily classical.

In fact, there are classical stations all over the world which you can get on the Net. If anybody has interest I can list a few more.

I've also put virtually my entire classical CD collection on the computer-- about 48 hours worth--in case the radio stations don't appeal.

So there are options--I hope they work for you.