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Posted By: autolycus
04-Apr-06 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Classical music - what makes you listen?
Subject: RE: Classical music - what makes you listen?
I'm another who could go on endlessly about c.m.

Most could stop me in my tracks in the right circumstances.

I remember, at the secondhand bookstall I ran here at Uni.East Anglia (1985 - 1992) turning on a portable radio for the news, to fing them finishing THE symphony (Beethoven 5). An aquaintance and I had to stop to hear that marvellous ending.

I'm always thrilled when I'm watching a film, and some great piece comes on. Educating Rita is special for me because of the use of my favourite piece, Mahler's Sixth (which will have the centenary of its first performance next month.

I had great fun a few years ago compiling my list of favourite composers = 6th Mozart; 5th Dvorak; 4th Schubert; 3rd Bruckner; 2nd Beethoven; Mahler the tops (the 'Frere Jacques' is the 3rd movement of Mahler 1).

If my neighbours are annoyingly noisy, it's the speakers on the floor (hadn't thought of face down, thanks), and we all get the 5th or 10th movement of Messiaen's Turangalila Symphony. Wild.

As for beautiful tunes, try Barber's Violin Concerto, opening of Bruckner 7, slow movement of Mahler 6 (that'd get in every hit parade if it weren't a0 hidden in a vast,dark symphony, and b) lasted less than 15 minutes.); the slow one of Malcolm Arnold's English Dances; the last movement of Nielsen 3; the last dance of Stravinsky's Firebird; slow movement of 2nd Piano Concerto of Shostakovich; Overture to The Wasps by Vaughan Williams ( beautiful and so, so English); lots by the Russian Kabalevsky (tremendously tuneful); just about the only thing Puccini wrote for string quartet, called Chrysanthemums; Le Festin d'Esope for piano by the reclusive Alkan, about 25 variations in under 9 minutes on a perky tune; Borodin's 2nd string quartet (you;ll know much of it if you've heard the musical Kismet - Strangers in Paradise - Baubles , bangles and Beads);and looooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads more.

Heartstopping performances - Tchaikovsky 6 with Fricsay; Beethoven 5 under Erich Kleiber; Schubert Unfinished - Furtwangler; Mitropoulos conducting Mahler 6; Toscanini's William Tell overture by the Lone Rang.... I mean, Rossini; Reiner conducting Richard not Johann Strauss's Don Juan.

Favourite performers.

Conductors. Horenstein, Furtwangler, Cantelli,Oscar Fried, Toscanini,Klemperer.

Pianists.   Cherkassky, Josef Hoffman(nearly unbelievable),Horowitz, Richter.

Cellists.   Casals, du Pre

Favourite critics. Hans Keller, Deryck Cooke, Michael Oliver (the most comulsive to listen to music broadcaster IMO), (the other Anthony Hopkins.

Horn.       Dennis Brain