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Posted By: Ron Davies
28-Mar-06 - 11:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?

Still waiting, with the patience of Job---which dealing with you seems to require--for you to tell us what exactly "victory" in Iraq would consist of this time, since the last one does not seem to have prevented over 2200 "Coalition" deaths and the deaths of uncounted Iraqis.

If you don't give an answer I'll be forced unwillingly to the conclusion that you have no idea--unsurprising, considering your track record of error. You are, admittedly, in good company there--your mighty leader (Bush) has no idea either. (Yes I know you're from the UK).

However, if Bush and the Bushites have no idea why soldiers should fight and possibly die in Iraq, it will become progressively more difficult to find the cannon fodder you need-- and even more difficult to persuade the US and UK publics to support a never-ending, tragic, horrendously expensive, useless war, only begun thanks to a despicable propaganda campaign. So far you have given us no reason why the "Coalition" forces should stay in Iraq--beyond absurdly ridiculous attempted parallels with Hitler--feeble even for you.

I'd also like you to tell us why you judge that the parallel of Yugoslavia with Iraq is not apt.

And I see no progress towards addressing Sunni concerns--which is the only way to defuse the insurgency. I would think even you would know that the "body count game" will not cut it.

Rather than progress, the most recent news is that the Shiites have withdrawn from negotiations towards a unity government--in protest against a supposedly successful raid--the sort which Bush apologists are trumpeting as indication Iraqis are taking over operations--which appears to have killed civilians.

The more days go by, the less likely "Iraq" will survive--since the sectarian split is growing, not narrowing, and since Iraqis who could have helped Iraq are--for good reason--fleeing every day.

Your move, Mr. Pollyanna.