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Posted By: Arne
28-Mar-06 - 09:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: NON-Partisan political comments
Subject: RE: BS: NON-Partisan political comments

I state that the UN report required by 1441 stated that Saddam was in substantial non-compliance, and give a clicky to it so that all can read it and see.

Ummm, nope. Amongst other things, it was the Security Council's job to decide if there was "substantial non-compliance".

YOU state that Saddam was doing what the UN wanted, and give NO reference other than your own imagination.

We're seeing more and more every day about both how Saddam was trying to find some way to convince the U.S. that he was complying (he even started destroying the disputed but arguably legal SRMs). Now we have the N.Y. Times report that Dubya and Blair were bound and determined to go to war despite the fact there were no WoMD being found and thinking maybe they wouldn't be found (even to the point of ginning up a 'Gulf of Tonkin provocation' by getting a U-2, repainted in U.N. colours, fired on [and maybe a pilot killed, but what the hey?]). And Colin Powell saying that a war wasn't justified without a second U.N. resolution and that this wasn't justified without some WoMD or something (see here).

And you still continue to suck Dubya's hind teat and carry his water for him. Bet that makes you feel ... proud. I'd shower, if I were you.