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Posted By: GUEST,AR282
27-Mar-06 - 09:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
>>Was anybody killed during Operation Swarmer? - The answer to that is no.<<

Which I prefer to think is true. I've heard the same thing, it's a big flop. A big hullabaloo about nothing. Grandstanding by Bush to look like he's doing something other than sending out troops to surround an area and take all the men and boys as prisoners and call them "insurgents." You'd think if there were really any trained insurgents fighters there, then we would see some carnage however slight but these reports strongly indicate that the Americans are meeting no resistance at all. No shots fired, no deaths, no casualities, no booby-traps, no ambush, no IEDs. This means there is no resistance. So who are they arrresting?

Otoh, this administration lies and spins so much that who knows who the Americans or American-backed Iraqis may have killed? But, from what I hear, Swarmer is largely a waste of time as anything other than a public relations gag.