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Posted By: Bobert
25-Mar-06 - 09:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: More liberal bias in the news
Subject: RE: BS: More liberal bias in the news
Facism = Liberalism, RL???

Maybe you'd like to elaborate on that theory... Then maybe you would like to explain why the Bush administration has taken out so many pages of Adolf Hitler's game plan book???

(Oh, but Bobert, when you equating Bush to Nazis, you have stepped over the line.... Don't you realize that the PR folks long ago set in place a set of condition-responses that made these comparisions out-of-bounds???)

Oh sure, I realize that alot of diehard partisan Republicans don't like to live up the history of their party after WWII when the Republican Party actively recruited the best minds of former Nazis and Nazi sympathatizers.... Heck, Google Heritage Coucil and look at who set it up... Almost exclusively former Nazis and Nazi sypathizers...

And lets look at some components of facism:

1. Getting in bed with the industrailists.... Check... (corporate lobbiest now write most of the legislation that goes tru Congress)

2. Super-patroitism.... Check... (how many support the troops ribbons have you seen on the backs of cars lately???)

3. Manipulation of the media... Check... (Bothe the Post and NY Times have written stories about falling under a "Culture" that preveneted them from doing a better job during the mad-dash-to-Iraq...)

4. Centralization of power... Check... (Hey, can anyone argue thatthe Bush administartion hasn't grabbed as much power as it possibly could???)

5. The Big Lie... Check... (Hitler stated that the people would belive the a lie if it was big enough... WMD's, Al Qeada links, Nuclear programs???? Lets get real here... These weren't white lies... They were BIG LIES...)

So, maybe RL would like to explain why it is that Democarts=Liberals are the facists here....

(But, Bobert, remmeber what Hitler said about the BIG LIE and think rarelamb here...)

Oh, I get it...