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Posted By: GUEST,rarelamb
25-Mar-06 - 06:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: More liberal bias in the news
Subject: RE: BS: More liberal bias in the news
It is interesting to note the different meanings of liberal. I used the word liberal in this context as having to do with political orientation in the US as far as the two major parties. In this case liberal is to do with Democrats. I am probably more accurately liberal or in the US libertarian than I am conservative. Libertarians usually will gravitate to the main conservative party or the Republicans. Why? And why is liberal such an insult?

Liberal (in this case, those having to do wiht the left or Democrats) are actually socialists/fascists and have very little to do with the common understanding of liberal in the 18th century way of looking at it. Liberals find the solution to most problems in the government.

They want national healthcare, they want national pensions, they want nationally set wages, they want nationally controlled land, they want nationally controlled corporate profits, they want nationally controlled this that and the other thing. There seems to be no end to what the government can do. From this perspective they are no different from the socialists or fascists of the 20th century.

These self appointed philosopher kings ignore history, logic and evidence to impose their view on everyone else. They have the arrogance to believe that they know what is better for everyone else and are willing to use the force of government to implement that vision.

They also have a deep disdain for open debate as open debate has the unfortunate habit of exposing this tyranny. So they try to oppress and control speech, even when it is one of their own (ala Larry Summers).

That is why liberal is such a bad word. To call someone liberal is calling someone a tyrant bent on the control of the free man.