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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
24-Mar-06 - 07:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?

A little litmus test for you with regard to this thread. What I have stated on it as fact is borne out by events and as such can be verified. What you have stated as fact has not even happened.

You must be getting harried, Mr T, when you can't even cut and paste my handle correctly! Or with your alleged 'military background', can't you really cope with genuine 'independent thought'? Military 'independent though' is really an oxymoron - for morons! :-)

In case you haven't worked it out for yourself yet, your sort of imposition of the "correct way of 'independent thinking'" being imposed by our political puppet masters is just what a few here are objecting to!

Your 'facts' seem to be imparted to you in much the same way as Georgie Boy gets his! (After all he doesn't waste his time watching public media, does he?)

Well, your unimpeachable source lied about a bunch of Iraqi civilians, including babies, slaughtered in revenge (as witnessed by a surviving child) by US forces for an IED - a 'war crime' for as long as they could get away with it, until evidence which they themselves admitted was irrefutable was forced before them and the whole world. Your unimpeachable source told the world that the civilians were killed by the same IED that killed US servicemen! And then they they were killed in the crossfire in the resulting firefight! When the footage clearly shows that the rounds were fired INSIDE the buildings!

And you wonder why some of use are cynical about ANYTHING that source wants us to believe - just as we are cynical about your 'incorruptible truths'? And this is not 'another Vietnam'? Can you spell 'Mai Lai'? Not sure that I can...

And now, Afghanistan, - where Georgie Boy 'successfully imposed democracy', including acceptance of the UN Human Rights Declaration, is going to execute under Sharia Law which the constitution (accepted by Georgie Boy!) states overrides any other civil agreements, a Muslim who converted to Christianity.

Own Goal again for you Mr T!

Foolestroupe - 18 Mar 06 - 07:09 AM
"Well, you can be happier now, Teribus, on tonight's news I heard that one US army personnel was killed"

Please note Foolestoupe still hasn't had either the honesty, or decency, to admit that he/she was mistaken. Fact is to date no-one has been killed in the execution of Operation Swarmer, in maintaining that there have been casualties Foolstroupe, you only succeed in discrediting yourself.

I wasn't mistaken about hearing it on the news, and I have no reason to apologise for OTHER people getting things wrong!

"but on this occasion the media got caught out, but oh dear me, YOUR prejudices will just not let you recognise, or believe that. "

or your prejusices...

"All I know is that as far as the SAS goes, I have been trained by them, trained with them and worked with them. "

You don't like to admit that you are wrong either - I know what our pollies were bragging about - 2 man teams was apparently what they were wanted for MOST of the time!

Alba - 17 Mar 06 - 10:37 AM
"Although if I think about it, I suppose 50 Copters in the air may possibly look like a swarm of insects..! So at least there was a teeny tiny bit of imagination used in the naming of this..'sting'"

So I take it Alba that you would rather see the people detained released and their weapons restored to them so that they could go out and kill some more Iraqi civilians.

Thereby you demonstrate your narrow mindedness, and inability to cope with satire and cynicism!

"Alba, if you are in any way capable of independent thought go back and read my initial post to this thread."

So 'SAS trained' 'independent thought' consists in all of us just thinking what you what us all to think? Just because you were ordered to train and work with them, doesn't mean you really have the intellectual capacity... :-)

"One more thing--you admit the insurgency is mostly home-grown? Yes or no?--a one word answer will suffice. "

No answer either way yet from Mr T - which substantiates that his (maybe self-appointed?) task here is obfuscation and misdirection, not genuine open minded 'independent thinking' debate. !!!!

The only real difference between you and Mr MG is that you haven't used foul language - yet! Actually that might be insulting Mr MG...