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Posted By: Teribus
24-Mar-06 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?

A little litmus test for you with regard to this thread. What I have stated on it as fact is borne out by events and as such can be verified. What you have stated as fact has not even happened.

Same goes for some others:
Bee-dubya-ell - 17 Mar 06 - 09:42 AM
"The 'copters themselves haven't fired a shot and the guys on the ground haven't been doing much either."

Apart for arrest and detain over 60 suspected insurgents and capture weapons, explosives, timing devices, detonators, training material, none of which can now be used to kill innocent civilians. Bee-dubya, I can only comment that you must take some pleasing, and that thank goodness I don't have to do it.

Alba - 17 Mar 06 - 10:37 AM
"Although if I think about it, I suppose 50 Copters in the air may possibly look like a swarm of insects..! So at least there was a teeny tiny bit of imagination used in the naming of this..'sting'"

So I take it Alba that you would rather see the people detained released and their weapons restored to them so that they could go out and kill some more Iraqi civilians. All in order that you could then blame the US for creating the circumstance and allowing it to happen. Your bigotry and bias are nothing short of pathetic, ask the hostages rescued and released yesterday about an operation that was carried out on information received, this time extracted from a detainee. The information obtained led the MNF directly to the house where the men had been kept for four months. Not a shot fired Alba, was that all "hype"? was that a failure?

McGrath of Harlow - 17 Mar 06 - 05:07 PM
"Foreign armies just cannot win this kind of conflict - you'd think they'd know by now."

They did in Greece, they did in Malaya, they did in Borneo.

Alba - 17 Mar 06 - 11:10 PM - On Operation Swarmer - The punchline
"I give it a Thumbs down."

Now let's take a look at what Alba gave the thumbs down to (Couresy of beardedbruce):
More than 60 suspected insurgents detained.
A total of 11 caches discovered. These have included:
- More than 350 mortar rounds of varying sizes
- 88 rocket propelled grenade rounds
- Nearly 2,000 rounds of armor-piercing rifle ammunition
- More than 15 rockets of varying sizes
- Over 60 hand grenades
- SA-7 surface-to-air missile components, including launcher tubes and batteries
- 30 machine guns and assault rifles

The following items were among the IED-making materials discovered since the operation began:

- More than 500 feet of explosive detonating cord;
- 50 explosive blasting caps;
- 25 130 mm artillery rounds packed with plastic explosive;
- Various remote initiation devices, including cordless phone base stations and washing machine timers.
- Terrorist training publications.
- Iraqi Army uniforms and videos have been recovered.
- Video footage portrayed U.S. troop locations in Iraq.
- Instructions relating to the rigging and detonation of a car bomb.
- Equipment taken from Iraqi Police.

OK Alba, tell us just what you think was going to be done with the above, tell us that you would rather have just let it stay in the hands of those who had it.

Foolestroupe - 18 Mar 06 - 07:09 AM
"Well, you can be happier now, Teribus, on tonight's news I heard that one US army personnel was killed"

Please note Foolestoupe still hasn't had either the honesty, or decency, to admit that he/she was mistaken. Fact is to date no-one has been killed in the execution of Operation Swarmer, in maintaining that there have been casualties Foolstroupe, you only succeed in discrediting yourself.

Foolestroupe - 23 Mar 06 - 06:58 AM

"normally in 4-man teams, although they could possibly split into two 2's"
Obviously then Aussie politicians don't know what they are talking about then when they are bragging about the Aussie SAS to the Aussie electorate"

I wouldn't know about the Australian politicians that you are referring to Foolstroupe. Maybe they do know what they are talking about, maybe they don't. All I know is that as far as the SAS goes, I have been trained by them, trained with them and worked with them. Now I know, from personal experience, that they normally operate in 4-man teams, if you say that you and the Aussie Politicians in which you place so much faith know better, then all well and good, I, however, will rely on what I know to be fact.

Alba - 23 Mar 06 - 07:30 AM
"Teribus, you are without a doubt in my mind "One that believes the "Hype" I see." Not only the Bush and Co's hype but your own."

Alba, if you are in any way capable of independent thought go back and read my initial post to this thread. If there was any "hype" it was generated by the media, not by "Bush and Co.", but on this occasion the media got caught out, but oh dear me, YOUR prejudices will just not let you recognise, or believe that.