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Posted By: Ron Davies
23-Mar-06 - 08:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?

Still holding on to your tunnel vision for dear life, eh? The Sunnis just have to be "realistic" and everything will be peaches and cream, right?

Correction-- for the n th time (You'd best send in your badge).

The Sunnis have to engage in the political process--AND the other parties have to be willing to guarantee them a larger share of the oil income than would accrue to them from just their oil-poor part of Iraq. (For some reason, you left out the last part). That is, Iraq under the constitution must be changed from an extremely loose federation to a tighter one.

Promise of such amendments was what enticed Sunni leaders to support the December elections, the results of which Cheney and other despicable propagandists (oops, I mean great statesmen) have been trumpeting to the skies ever since. As indeed have such brilliant commentators as yourself. Fascinating that neither Bush, Cheney nor any of his other toadies (nor even your good self) have mentioned this little condition.

Other factions are now balking at substantive changes to the constitution. If the promise, implicit or explicit, is not carried out, all bets are off. Nobody likes bait and switch.

One more thing--you admit the insurgency is mostly home-grown? Yes or no?--a one word answer will suffice.