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Posted By: Teribus
22-Mar-06 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Foolestroupe - 21 Mar 06 - 07:40 PM

"So coming from the South-east Foolestroupe how do you manage to "by-pass" somewhere to the North of Baghdad"

Now why not complete it Foolestroupe -

So coming from the South-east Foolestroupe how do you manage to "by-pass" somewhere to the North of Baghdad, to get to Baghdad.

Your memory is faulty the main advances were the US Forces moving North-West out of Kuwait and the British moving West from the Al Faw peninsula. Special Units (note: Units not Forces) were deployed to the West of Iraq to prevent the blowing of a dam and to monitor and interrupt traffic along the highway to Jordan. The only force to move in North of Baghdad was well to the North-West. This group went in initially to clear an airstrip so that forces could be moved in to bolster up and supply the Kurdish forces there, they spent most of their time maintaining their positions and didn't move off their start lines until after Baghdad had fallen. This was mainly due to their lack of heavy weapons support. They relied heavily on air power to deter the Iraqi forces in front of them and it was during one of their air-strikes that BBC's John Simpson was injured and his cameraman and interpreter were killed.

If any SAS unit has to fight, they have screwed up mightily, or have been extremely unlucky - it is just not their job to do that - they are also normally in 4-man teams, although they could possibly split into two 2's if their task is target identification and illumination.

Wouldn't matter which way you're holding the map Foolestroupe if Baghdad is in the middle and the other two places are near as damn it diametrically opposite, you still can't start out from one of those points and by-pass the other to get to Baghdad.

News Hour's, 'World Class Military Expert' said what exactly, from the little you provide, he said, ""When the US military first moved in, they struck serious resistance in this area. They decided to 'bypass' the trouble." Now you have obviously assumed that when the US military first moved into this area was at the begining of the invasion, but that is not what News Hour's hired military expert was saying at all, was it. He doesn't say when the US military first moved into the area, neither does he state the make up of the formation that did move into the area first, neither does he state what that formation's mission was. Now if you were armed with all of those factors you just might possibly come up with the reason why that force decided to 'by-pass' the trouble they encountered.

Discredited myself Mr F, don't think so - Others like yourself, Arne and Alba definitely have. My original comment on joining this thread and the question that went with it centred round the marked variance of the verbal report and the televised images that accompanied that report. The 'usual suspects' originally were jumping up and down yelling about innocent Iraqi's being butchered by the evil forces of occupation, and when it was clearly pointed out and reported that there had been no casualties, the same 'usual suspects' start pouring scorn on what was, judging by the results, a very successful operation.

Ron, I am perfectly aware of what the British and American Governments and their leaders are saying about the inclusion of the Arab Sunni population of Iraq in the affairs of that country. I am perfectly aware of what the newly elected Iraqi members of Parliament are saying. All the Iraqi Arab Sunni's have to do is have faith enough to engage in that political process.

I am also not aware of my fondness for citing "foreign extremists" with regard to the current insurgency in Iraq. And at least the Iraqi Sunni Arabs living in the area encompassed by Operation Swarmer were disaffected enough with the Iraqi Sunni Arab terrorists in their midst that they informed on them and pointed out their locations to the Iraqi Security Forces.

By the way Ron, have you got the names of those Air National Guard F-102A pilots yet?