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Posted By: Ron Davies
21-Mar-06 - 10:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Tut tut, Teribus, your ignorance (not to say poor reading skills) is showing.

In fact, you are not even aware of what your heroes, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair are saying about the issue of the Sunnis. In fact, the US ambassador is pushing for inclusion of Sunnis in the police force and the army--with marginal success to say the least-- and the government in general.

They are aware, even if you are not, that the insurgency draws most of its strength from disaffected Sunnis--not from the "foreign extremists" you are so fond of citing. Foreign elements are only too willing to exploit discontent, especially among Sunnis. But they need raw material--and with attitudes like yours, they get plenty of recruits. Just brilliant on your part. Good thing your impact on the situation is minimal, to say the least.

Once more--maybe eventually you'll understand--if the Sunnis don't think they are getting a fair shake from whatever Iraq government emerges--particularly on the issue of distribution of oil income-- support for the insurgency goes way up.

If this does not bother you, your tunnel vision has blinded you beyond reason--you'll have to turn in your badge as a foreign policy analyst--even though you sent in the right number of boxtops to get it.