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Posted By: Arne
21-Mar-06 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?

Oh and while you are about it Arne, just tell everyone when and where I ever stated that the Coalition Forces had bombed anywhere indiscriminately.


Now here's a "Heads Up" on Operation Swarmer
- No bombs, no shooting, indiscriminate or otherwise.

Yep, "Operation Photo-Op" was a great success. Kind of like the turkee that Dubya handed out a couple years ago. All for show while the troops were simply shoveled the same ol' Halliburton crap (but hopefully they didn't use the tainted food for the Thanksgiving repast).

But there's been plenty of indiscriminate bombing and shooting; looks like even the USMC will have to look into the latest civilian killings....

You're right, though, Teribus. You limited your comments WRT "Operation Propaganda" to a curious situation (for Iraq, particularly), where there was no shooting (at least reportedly), and pointed out that -- voila! -- there was no "indiscriminate shooting". Alors! That's simply amazing, Teribus, and certainly worthy of note. Can you say the same about the contemporary cases where there was shooting (such as the USMC incident)? Or were those deaths quite intentional?