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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
21-Mar-06 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
"So coming from the South-east Foolestroupe how do you manage to "by-pass" somewhere to the North of Baghdad"

I seem to remember from the non-stop 24 hour TV coverage that troops were landed north and west of Baghdad too matie! Maybe one of us is holding the map upside down... And don't forget that our SAS guys were sent in too - we Aussies haven't... and they DEFINITELY bypassed any serious resistance - no bloody choice for a handful of 2 man teams...

Damn, Mr T! It seems that The News Hour were robbed when they had that 'World Class Military Expert' on the other day who said "When the US military first moved in, they struck serious resistance in this area. They decided to 'bypass' the trouble "! :-) You should tell them, perhaps... :-)

You have thoroughly discredited yourself Mr T. And you are definitely more ignorant that even you believe other are. I won't say stupid - that would be insulting!