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Posted By: Teribus
21-Mar-06 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Foolestroupe - 20 Mar 06 - 06:55 PM

Hells teeth Foolestroupe, just where are you getting your information.

First of all you're reading about casualties that still don't exist as far as this operation is concerned:
"Foolestroupe - 18 Mar 06 - 07:09 AM

Well, you can be happier now, Teribus, on tonight's news I heard that one US army personnel was killed"
So come on Foolestoupe go and check and tell us how many people have been killed in relation to Operation Swarmer.

And now this load of complete and utter rubbish:

"When the US military first moved in, they struck serious resistance in this area. They decided to 'bypass' the trouble and go for the easy targets - Baghdad and statues etc. Now what is happening is a 'mop up' operation that they have taken 3 years to get around to, and should have been on from the very beginning. If there would have been more troops, they might have been able to do so."

Eh? Foolestroupe go and take a look at a Map of Iraq. Might prove rather edifying for you. But just to give you some pointers:
- US Forces attacked from where? Kuwait right? South-East of Baghdad.
- The area this operation is taking place in is where in relation to Baghdad Foolestroupe? I believe that you will find that it lies to the NORTH of Baghdad. So coming from the South-east Foolestroupe how do you manage to "by-pass" somewhere to the North of Baghdad to get to Baghdad and all those "easy targets"? I know that you must have an answer, you wouldn't have come out with that crap if you hadn't - I just don't think that it will be credible.

Oddly enough it was not more troops that were needed back in March 2003, to settle much of what has become known as the Sunni triangle and to cut off the Syrian border, what was needed was Turkey's co-operation with regard to placement of US Troops prior to the invasion.

Arne - 21 Mar 06 - 01:46 AM


So, Arne, I guess this is just normal farming equipment in your part of the world..."

As I told you before my little viking, do try and keep up that quote you attribute to me - go and check who actually did say it.

Oh and while you are about it Arne, just tell everyone when and where I ever stated that the Coalition Forces had bombed anywhere indiscriminately.

Mark you if the following is an example of your logic, it only backs up what I have always contended with regard to your powers of comprehension of the english language:

Arne - 18 Mar 06 - 10:46 PM


"His report stated that unlike previous cordon and search operations this one was targeting specific sites,..." (Hear I was talking about Nic Robertson's report on CNN)

OIC. Up to now we'd been bombing indiscriminately (according to you)."

You see Arne, even after it had been explained to world and his dog that the media had completely jumped the gun on this story with regard to "Air Assault" versus "Air Strike" and it had become very clear that no shots had been fired. You persist with what your preconceived ideas would like to believe was happening:
Now here's a "Heads Up" on Operation Swarmer
- No bombs, no shooting, indiscriminate or otherwise.
- Nobody killed or wounded.
- "targeting" something does not necessarily mean you are shooting at it, or bombing it, it can even have a completely peaceful connotation, PR, Advertising and Recruitment Agencies, Radio and Television companies do it all the time.
- "cordon and search operations" Arne go and look up what the term means. Because you patently don't have a clue.

Oh and Ron, the Sunni Arabs in Iraq have only to realise one thing - they don't run it any more, and demographically it is hardly likely that they ever will again. They either embrace the process which gives them a damn sight more of a chance than they ever gave the majority of their fellow citizens previously - or they are going to marginalise themselves and die.