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Posted By: Arne
21-Mar-06 - 01:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
[Arne]: "Are they going to be next week's "31 bound, naked Iraqis were found shot in the back of the head in a shallow grave" headline?"

Sorry, that is what the people YOU are supporting are doing...

Care to support your slanderous accustation here, Bruce? I have done no such thing. Or will you take it back....

I have read most, if not all of your posts. I have never seen ANY criticsm of the actions of ANY of those opposing coalition forces, regardless of what they have done, but I have noticed a number of comments about the actions of the US- Mostly without any reference to the facts.

Oh, really??? Better titrate the Haldol up a notch, Bruce. My criticisms have been of the maladministration, you know, the folks on top that have ordered and/or excused and whitewashed the renditions, the tortures, the wiretapping, and the other sundry violations of both national and international law and of human decency. I have never made a criticism of the U.S. soldiers themselves for their job (although there are certainly individuals that have gone "above and beyond the call of duty", not mentioning names like "England", "Granger",, who may have been singled out by me for their poor conduct). I defy you to find a single comment where I did such a thing.

But, dear Brucie, I'd note that this is non-responsive to my point. You were seemingly claiming that I've "support[ed]" murderers, so let's not change the subject with your usual distractions and "red herrings" here, OK? While you may claim that it is my duty, honour-bound, to denounce every murderer if I should ever mention even one (a point which you are certainly not taking to heart yourself, so your faux outrage here is rather hypocritical), that is absurd ... not to mention impractical. Some go without saying, being simply so outrageous, and so undisputedly outragerous, such as the murder of Tom Fox, so as to make a repetition superfluous. But I'd note that failure to mention terrorist murders does not in itself become actual "support[]" for the murderers. That's even more absurd.

Also, we have the fact that while we are free to denounce the behaviour of anyone we feel like, it is only our own behaviour that we can in fact control. Thus, commenting on the viciousness of the Iraqi extremists may make us feel holy, but ain't gonna change anything. But if we're silent while our gummint engages in similar behaviour (or condones or winks at it when done by the Iraqi "security forces" we've helped construct and "train"), then we in fact have committed a bit of the sin of "aiding and abetting", and we ought to hold ourselves accountable for it. We're (supposedly) "better" than the terraists, you know....

So, once again, where have I supported murder, or even murderers, of any kind for such type of behaviour? If you can't find an example, you really should apologise, you know.... That would be the Christian thing to do, now.