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Posted By: Ron Davies
20-Mar-06 - 10:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Subject: RE: BS: Why no new Iraq thread?
Teribus (AKA Mr. Pollyanna)---

"Because it doesn't suit their arguement (sic), they couldn't give two figs for Iraq or it's (sic) people".

"Their dearest wish would seem to be failure in Iraq"--good evasion, there, with your "would seem"--to avoid outright slander.

Because, as usual, you're dead wrong. Mudcatters opposing Bush's war in Iraq are just a little more observant and realistic than you.

"Failure" in Iraq. Fascinating that you somehow haven't found time to define "success" in Iraq.

"The Iraqi people will see to that" (success in Iraq). Which ones? The Sunnis killing Shiites, the Shiites killing Sunnis, or the Kurds who want nothing to do with "Iraq"?

Face it--you have no more idea of the future of Iraq than anybody else--and probably less than some. As I've said several times, it all hinges on whether the Sunnis feel part of the government or not--specifically if their proposed amendments to the constitution
are accepted. If they are not, look for the civil war to expand dramatically--with the "Coalition" forces in the middle, with no role to play except as occupation troops (not really wanted by any side)--therefore as targets.

But US pressure on this point will do nothing but raise the hackles of the Shiites--who agree with you that it's payback time. Do I need to cite you chapter and verse from your own holy writings? (on another thread).

Or perhaps you prefer this: Some Sunni leaders would like Sunni prisoners turned over to US Marines. The Shiite leaders of the present government are not big fans of this idea. So, if we do it, we then alienate the Shiites--the majority. A brilliant move.

As I said earlier, wake up.