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10-Mar-06 - 03:44 PM
Thread Name: Kingston trio--a place in history
Subject: RE: Kingston trio--a place in history
To Anonny - Self deprecation has always been a part of the KT humor - see "Coming from the Mountains", and intro to "Shady Grove/Lonesome Traveler", among others. There was very little conversation other than what's on the archive - just setting up connections.

To Steve - Thanks for the recommendation.   There were numerous times where I had to choose from multiple possible directions on the spot, and obviously didn't choose the one you would have gone with at that moment. Re Josh White, I will bring him up again and have some of his music handy in case Bob has a favorite track, as I did with Stan Wilson and Travis Edmonson last time. I didn't think on the spot of anything particular to ask re Josh White - will also try to let Bob expound where he wants. The sequence of topics was not preplanned - I had about 30 potential topics and song sequences in mind and had little idea going in knowing which we would get to, but knew I'd be lucky to get to a third of them. If I did not cut to songs frequently, the interview would have been limited to 12 minutes total. With luck, I'll be allowed to do more (I'd like to do 6 or 8 with Mr. Shane, but that is wishful thinking) of these programs that are 1/4 talk and 3/4 music.