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Posted By: Stephen L. Rich
10-Mar-06 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: Wincers
Subject: RE: Wincers
I've been mulling this over for a while. I've written enough bad lines over the years that picking out just one is a bit of a chore.
    I'll settle for the worst one that I ever actually performed before an audience (Shame? I've heard of that. Do people really do such things?).

    Last April I did my first performance on a live, radio, variety show called "Higher Ground with Jonathan Overby". Jonathan threw me a wild, on-air, curve. He chose a young lady from the audience, told us to go out into the studio hallway to see if I could teach her to yodel before the second hour of the program.
    The young lady, whose name was Rose, and I retired to the studio hallway to see what we could do about, at the very least, not making fools of ourselves on a state-wide, live broadcast.
      The first hurdle was that Rose was taking voice lessons. Voice teachers tend to teach one methods to specifically AVOID yodeling. Fortunately, Rose was eager to learn and managed to rise to the occasion and to plausibly learn the simplest yodel I could think of in just under ten minutes. The girl was a trooper (and, yes, I mean "girl". She was seventeen).
       It was at about that point that I made came to a horrifying realization. I didn't have a song that would go with the yodel part that I had just taught her. OOOPPPSSS! It never ceases to amaze my what blind panic can enable onr to achieve. In the four minutes we had left, I wrote a short song. It wasn't a very good one. I knew that, but I pressed on in the hope that the situation would help to make it funny in spite of that.
       When, in the second hour of the program, we were called upon to show what we had done I sang, and Rose yodeled the following:

       I taught a young girl to yodel,
       For the Jonathan Overby Show.
       We're going to show it.
       I hope we don't blow it.
       Rose, are you ready to go?

       (we yodeled)

       Jonathan asked us to yodel,
       So yodeling is what we will do.
       Since the word to this song are redundant,
       We'll shutup and yodel for you.

       (we yodeled)

    The third and fourth lines were bad enough, but "shutup and yodel"? That's bad. That's really bad.

Stephen Lee