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Posted By: Alba
02-Mar-06 - 10:19 AM
Thread Name: Wincers
Subject: RE: Wincers
Well now after several hours of achy breaky I have decided that it might be best to confess to a "wincer" that I put on paper and then had the audacity to sing to some Frineds, in Public:)

It was a while ago..a long while ago, I remember that well because I was young and had an ego and I was going through what I believe, may have been, a feeble soul searching phase. I went to a pub to meet some other Musicians and Friends every couple of weeks or so for a session and an chance to bounce ideas off one another. I thought I had a great idea going so, having nearly completed my first attempt at writing something which I thought was rather "Joan Armatrading" (ish) and what I also though was a deeply personal insight I struck the chords of, if I remember correctly, a song titled "The Big Blue" and off a singing and playing I went.
I got to the chorus, which I honestly can't remember now, except for the last line......" I want to dive to the bottom, dive, dive, dive"

The others at the table, who had been listening politely (odd for them at the time, didn't even join in with a whistle or fiddle!!) erupted into laughter.
Dive, Dive Dive shouted one, another making the sound of the alarm in a Submarine when she is warning she is about to.... Dive Dive Dive!!
Needless to say the song was the object of humour for a while after that night, I would go along as usual to the session but there was always some joker there who would say , Jude do the submarine song would you. My Glasgow Friends can always be counted on to 'keep me real' **BG** I love them all for that gift.
Well now that this particular repressed memory has come up I will spend the rest of this morning wincing and trying to remember the rest of the awful song....aghhhhhhhh:)
Is it worse than achy my book....yes.
Humbly and with Love,