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Posted By: lady penelope
25-Feb-06 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: Sitting At The Kitchen Table
Subject: RE: BS: Sitting At The Kitchen Table
Mmm, kitchen tables. ~There's something very unstressful about them. Even though great dramas can happen about them, it seems to be the place that allows them to happen and it seems to take the sharp corners off in the process.

In my mind the kitchen table epitimises my Mother. She was always there. Whether it was cooking, sewing or reading a book (her favourite occupation) it happened at the kitchen table. My mother taught me to sew and to cook and so many other things in the process, all around that table.

When, as teenagers, my brothers and I would drag our respective 'gangs' home, it would be the kitchen that got taken over for the quaffing of large quantities of tea (with the occasional heretic drinking coffee) and people still mention that when I meet them years later.

My parents moved to a bungalow a while back and the kitchen isn't big enough to get a table in (it's what's grandly called a 'galley kitchen' here in england - my Mum want's to know when does she get the slaves.....?) and for a while it just didn't seem right, there was no table in a quiet place to walk in and see my mother reading at it .

It's worked itself out now, my father (a carpenter by trade - and calling I think) has made the garage into his workshop and the dining room into his music room (still plays his trumpet - 72 this week!) so my mother has inherited the living room. So of course she has put a kitchen style gate leg table in it and all is now right with the world... :o)

Jerry's quite right, there's no 'should' when it comes to feelings Raptor. Just 'cos you're 'only' ( :o) ) 37 doesn't mean that the world looks any better at the moment than it would if you were 70. Give yourself time to let the kitchen table have other memories for you. And remember, you're no weirder than the rest of us........ :o)

Now I'm getting urges to go bake something.......... which is nice, but fattening........ :o)

TTFN Lady P.