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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
25-Feb-06 - 09:18 AM
Thread Name: Sitting At The Kitchen Table
Subject: BS: Sitting At The Kitchen Table
If a house was a living organism, the kitchen table would be the heart. Over the years, I've spent countless hours at our kitchen table, talking with old and new friends. Because I ran a folk concert series for 27 years and put up most of the performers, I've had a chance to get to know many people here on the Cat and just as many who I've never seen in here. Art Thieme, Gordon Bok, Chris Shaw, jimmyt and his wife Jayne, BBC ,Dave Para and Cathy Barton, Sandy & Caroline Paton, and from across the way, Col K, Leadfingers, Sussex Carole, Noreen and Theresa have all graced our kitchen. There's something special about sitting around the kitchen table with a friend, just "shooting the breeze." It's alway relaxed, and the conversation flows wherever it wishes. I think that what Mudcat really needs is a kitchen table. Among friends, conversations don't break down into threads, and they're not about earth-shaking topics.
Mostly, it's about daily stuff that we all talk about.

I'm starting this thread with no idea whether people can relax from all the combativeness I see in here, and just join me in a cup of cofffee or tea, a beer or just a cold bottle of water. The kettle is on and I hear the whistle going off. Why not sit for a minute, tell me what's going on in your mind, or what's happening in your life... how are your wife and kids? anything happen today that you want to talk about? I'll start it off...

Maybe it's a natural process of getting older, but I'm finding that I keep running across people I haven't seen or even spoken to in years. Some, I seek out and some track me down. This has happened twice recently... both on the same day.

Back in the early 60's I was living in New York City and met Luke Faust at the Gaslight Cafe. He was one of the old crowd, along with Dave Van Ronk, Tom Paxton and the rest, even though at the time we were all still in our 20's. For five or six years, Luke and I performed together and had an unusual friendship. On many levels, we were exact opposites, but we respected each other and in our music, we were like siamese twins. When I moved away from New York City, Luke and I drifted away, and I've only seen him once in the last 40 years. But, I was listening to some tapes I made of us in the early 60's and felt like calling him. Through a little creative research, I tracked him down and gave him a call. It's probably been 20 years since we've spoken to each other, and Luke isn't a letter writer. It was like turning on a switch that had been off for all those years. I'm trying to limit myself to one screen (which isn't necessary at a real kitchen table) so I'd better stop rambling. I have a lot more to say about renewing old friendships .. which ones just "click," and which ones only make you wonder how you were ever friends in the first place. But, I'll stop here..

Pull up a seat, let me know your "druthers" and tell me how life is treating you. If you feel like talking about rediscovering old friends in your life, that would be good to talk with you about. But, if there's something else that comes to mind, I'd like to hear about that, too.

Make yourself at home.