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Posted By: Arne
17-Feb-06 - 08:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: NON-Partisan political comments
Subject: RE: BS: NON-Partisan political comments

Bush told what he thought was the truth at the time he said it- As MOST of the world believed.

Umm, the quote in question was spoken in July of 2003 (much to the consternation of such as Kofi Annan, standing by his side). He repeated this same assertion (with slightly different words, IIRC) on one other occasion after that.

So, did Dubya really think in July, 2003 that Saddam hadn't let the inspectors in??? Perhaps it's possible, but in that case, I'd think about invoking the 25th Amendment.....

No, Blix didn't lie to the U.N. But he did say that he hadn't found a darn ting (and he said that he'd been checking the sites that U.S. "intelligence" had pinpointed ... in Iraq, nor Upper Phlogistan).

I did- and Saddam DID NOT until well after the deadline YOU reprinted from UNR1441....

Huh? What deadline? Nonetheless, Dubya didn't say "he wouldn't let them in until after this deadline I pulled out of my arse...."

We're back to this thing where you seem to think that arbitrary "deadlines" and arbitrary marks of co-operation are far more important that whether the job was getting done ... so much so that it didn't even matter whether there were WoMD there, what really mattered is that Saddam supposedly spit in Dubya's eye (at least at first), and thus we needed to invade a sovereign (albeit dictatorial) country, bollix it up royally, and get 2200 U.S. servicemen killed in the process. I think not, but that's an entirely different proposition from the question of whether Dubya was telling an outright lie in that quote I put forth.....

Just because YOU keep repeating lies does not make them true,...

Ummm, what lies, Bruce? Just because you keep avoiding the point doesn't make it go away, Bruce.