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Posted By: Mary Humphreys
16-Feb-06 - 07:07 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sheath and Knife
I apologise for the delay, but Malcolm jogged my memory that I should have posted this lyric, found in the Panmure House document mentioned a year ago in my last post on this topic.


1 Ther was a sister and brother
the sun gois to under the wood
who most intirelie lovid othir
god give we had nevir beine sib.

2 sayes " sister I wald lay the by
the sun gois to under the wood
and thou wald not my deuds cry"
god give we had newer beine sib.

3 " Alas brother wald ye doe so
the sun gois to under the wood
I rathir nou death undergoe
alas give we had newir bein sib.

4 the morrne is my fathirs feast
the sun etc
Weil in my clothis I most be least
god give we had newir bein sib.

5. When they conwining al at ons
to royal feasting in the hal
it me behovith them amongs
ge dekit in a goun of pa

6 and when I lout me to my to
the sun etc
my lesse wil brak and go in tuo
god give etc

7 and when] I lout me to my kni
the sun etc
my lesse] will brak [and go in thrie
god give etc

8 and it wil go from on to uthir
the sun etc
Until it come to Jhon my brother
lord give we had nevir bein sib

9 and Jhon my brothir is most il
the sun etc
he wil hus both burne on a hil.
lord god we had nevir bein sib

10 I sal go to my fathirs stable
the sun etc
and tak a stid both wight and able
lord giv..

11 and we sal ryd til tym we spend
the sun..
until we see our trystis end"
lord give…

12 She had not riden a myle but ane
the sun…
when she gan quakin gran and gran
lord give..

13 "Is ther water into your shoes
or comes the wind into your glowes

14 Or think ye me to simple a knight
to ryd or go with you alnyght?"

15 "and when ye heire me loud loud cry
ye bend your bow and ran tharby

16 and when ye se me ly ful stil
so souing your horne come me til.

17 I wald give al my fathirs land
for on woman at my command".

18 when that he cam soon hir besead
[the bab was borne the lady dead.]
- - - - - - -
19 Ther he has tain his yong yong sonne
and borne to a milk womane.

20 he drew his suord him wonding sore
from this tyme to wrid newir more.

21 "mother" quoth he "can so mak my bed
can se mak it long nd nothing bread.

22 mother alas I tint my knife
I lovid better then my lyffe.

23 mother I have als tint my shead
I lovid better than them bead

24 ther is no cutlar in this land
can mak a kniffe so at my comand"

25 he turnid his face to the wa
gave up the goast and gaid his way.

26 the on was layid in Mairie Kirk
othir in Marie Queire
out throch the on ther greu a birke
and out throch hir a breir.
ye may knou surlie by thir signes
They wer tuo lowirs neire.