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22-Jan-00 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Subject: RE: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
It was true. A possum. Grease didn't know what to say. He sat in the Chevy and thought long and hard on the events that had just happened. Too many thoughts.

Caitrin walked over to the car and noticed the sweater on the passenger seat. Grease looked down at it and a smile came over his face.

"You gonna' be around later tonight Caits?" He fired the 427 and looked up at her.

"Sure, I'll be here...Where you going now?"

Grease looked across the seat and again the figure was sitting there. Glancing at Caitrin, he knew she couldn't see her. He turned on the radio...Buddy Holly again, this time "True Love Ways." Grease spoke in a quiet voice that was not one he often used.

"I'll be back...I just have to take an old friend on one last ride."