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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
22-Jan-00 - 04:13 PM
Thread Name: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Subject: RE: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
"Come on, Baby!" Blondy urged the vette. They were in the straightaway now, climbing up Windy Point to the curve that wrapped 190 degrees around the cliff precipice. Blondy watched the chevy and plymouth roaring up behind, now justt 100 feet back. The plymouth's engine noise elevated an octave, and Blondy looked out to see the fender inches from his. Ahead, the highway seemed to lose itself in the sky- that was where the curve started. The Plymouth showed no sign of yielding as they entered the turn."This is bad.." said blondy, but he held his inside position, even when he felt the vette sliding, felt the scrape of his flank against the mystery car. He gunned the engine as the Plymouth began to break. Ahead was the guardrail, and something else... a tall, thin figure in black standing at the guardrail break, smiling as the vette slid by.

This was it...the end of the curve, and Blondy held the pedal down when suddenly, on the road ahead, appeared a swarm of midget moped-riders, peddaling furiously. He swerved, but felt their leader, a homely gnome dressed like Santa Claus, ricochet off his bumper."Ah Hell!" said Blondy,"it's that desparate gang- St Nick and the Trolls!!"