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22-Jan-00 - 01:37 PM
Thread Name: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Subject: RE: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
She awakened to the roar of the Chevy leaving the beach, and raising her sleepy head above the bed of the truck, spies the young chick, the one with the ponytail, looking at the retreating Chevy with a tear in her eye...

She stretches, and with her hand on the head of the dog at her side, walks over to the young girl.
"C'mon honey, you know he had to go"..
"But, he just"...
"Dollface, those guys are a different breed altogether, you have to just hold them in your heart and take what you can get. I smell breakfast...let's get back to the fire
She slips her arm around Caitrin's shoulder, brushing the tear from her cheek, and the two head for the fire.

They pass the soda jerk, Mbo, who is giving the Nash the royal treatment. She starts humming "Be True to Your School" and Caitrin gives a small giggle. Nice to see her smile again..

Susan is cooking a feast over the fire, and the girl notices her dog looking into the ocean. She squints and sees a blond head bobbing in the surf...nothing like a cold dip to relieve a hangover.

The day is getting on, time to get the show on the road, literally...As they head back to the pick-up, she leans into the Challenger and gives Dave a shake. "Rise and Shine Valentine...the highway is calling"

The two girls climb into the truck, roll down the windows, and start down the road to the Lucky U. Elle tells Caitrin the story of the young man who gave her the silver charm. Gave it to her just before he lost his life on this very same highway. There was a lot of talk about the cops causing the accident, but she wasn't sure. She was sure, however, that she didn't want the same to happen to Blondy and Grease..."Little GTO" was blaring from the radio, and Caitrin reaches over, shuts the radio off with a snap, throws the knob out the window, and the girls finish the drive lost in thought...