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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
22-Jan-00 - 12:45 PM
Thread Name: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Subject: RE: The Mudcat Juke Joint!
Blondy lay quietly. If he moved, the highly poisonous Boomslang snake that lay across his face would turn and strike. He called on his reserves of strength, counted three, then leapt to his feet hurling the Boomslang away...only to discover that it was a 4 foot piece of kelp. He also discovered that it was not adviseable to stand up the quickly with an enormous mezcal hangover. He sat back in the sand, hearing laughter from somewhere not far away.

A small group was hunkered by the embers of the beach fire, cooking...YES....bacon, eggs, coffee. But first, he walked about 30 yards down the beach, stripped, and swam straight into the breakers, letting the cold surf pound sobriety into his skull.

He emerged, cleansed. The sun was working it's magic- his clothes warm and dry from it. He donned them and moved to the smiling group by the fire. "Spare some grub?"