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Posted By: Donuel
07-Feb-06 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Cartoon riots around the world
Subject: RE: BS: Cartoon riots around the world
Joke warfare has backfired.
Remember the Monty Python deadly joke?

Why does Hitler's dog smell so bad?

because it has no nose.

Examples of Jewish Humor:
Oy am I thirsty. Oy am I thirsty. Here have this water...
Oy was I thirsty.

Reaction: a slight grin.

Examples of Islamic humor:
A funny thing happened to Mohamed on the way to the Mosque...
He saw himself in a mirror.

Reaction: Slay cartoonists, Behead the joke writers, Burn their families...


I could postulate that Jewish humor has evolved from great adversity and that Islamic humor is banned by the Q'ran. Or that Judaism does not spread religion by the sword.

But the real difference is the treatment of women.


Name 10 great Jewish comedians.

Name 1 great Muslim comedian.

Don't get me wrong, I have seen several great Islamic comedians but they were highly westerniized.