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Posted By: Donuel
06-Feb-06 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cartoon riots around the world
Subject: BS: Cartoon riots around the world
The riots are real and not a cartoon but it does show that Muslims have a better developed sense of anger than humor. I did turban and bomb cartoons years ago but never titled them Mohamed. It seems you can;t dpict the face of Mohamed but you can sure name millions of people with a face Mohamed. I even named a breakfast after him: Mohamed eggs ...two fried eggs with olives for pupils.

During my 4 week "vacation" here are some of my cartoon captions and titles from the last 4 weeks;

Bush ABC's...excerpt: J is for Jail and Journalists.
Unaccountable Incompetence.
Monarchy Anarchy
Disruption of corruption puts Democracy at risk
War is cheap compared to the deficit.
Ebay item description: As rare as an exit strategy at Pennsylvania Ave.
The death of judicial review.
A strong President doesn't need absolute power.
Nowadays if you're not for freedom, you're against tyranny.
Freedom isn't free (list of rich and famous "contibutors" to Congress for permanent tax cuts)
Wire tap (a wire running through the ears of W, Rice, Rumsfeld, Chertoff and NSA chief)