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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
01-Feb-06 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
Subject: RE: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
People who are criticized for things they do and yet don't want to be held personally responsible will invariably blame the critics for harboring hatred for them based on race, religion, nationality, baldness, heftiness, etc. For some people, this cloak of victimhood not only renders them immune to criticism, it turns the guilt back on the critic. If I condemn an asian man for committing murder, I can do so based on his action and not his race. Racism is the failure to condemn an Asian man who has done murder, not the opposite.
Nations, particularly nations who base their character and identity on race or religion, often act in the same way. I can criticize Israel for expansionism, police actions, the demolition of the homes of Palistinians etc without hating Jews. The Star of David on Israel's flag is not a badge of immunity from criticism. The fact that the government of Israel has made the decision to establish a State Religion is, I believe, a mistake. The idea that Israel has a claim on Palestinian or other territory based on Old Testament scripture is a concept that should carry no weight in the rest of the world.
In the same regard, I reserve the right to criticize India without hating Hindus and to criticize Ireland without hating Catholics. Martin's insistence on calling criticism of Israel anti-semitism is a cheap attempt to cloak his own point of view behind the impenetrable shield of anti-semitism. His mention of "radical liberals" is an even clearer statement of his true agenda.