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Posted By: Arne
01-Feb-06 - 06:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
Subject: RE: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
'Martin Gibson':

All you do is analyze ....

Sounds to be a bit more constructive than ranting and foaming, I'd venture.

... and really seethe quite a bit of hate for Israel and Jews. [S]pin it any way you want, it's pretty obvious you are quite anti-semitic and anti-Israel.

Huh??? You really need to talk to the docs about titrating the Haldol up a notch, 'Martin'. AFAIK, I have said very little on Mudcat (or even other places) about my opinions on Israel (although I will grant that I think that Israel's security policies are -- and have been -- rather misguided). I personally think a lot of people of all faiths would have been spared a lot of trouble (if not bloodshed) had the United States offered a 'homeland' for the European and other displaced or disaffected Jews; we could have given them half of New Mexico, and it might well have been better land than Palestine. But then again, it wouldn't have had Jerusalem, and there's those folks that are like the Nemo seagulls about Jerusalem ... "mine, mine, mine".... Having gotten the "choice piece of real estate" they wanted, the Israelis ought not to start carving out more and more of other people's slices, unless they're looking for trouble. But I don't think its worthwhile for me to add any more. But to call me an Israel hater is just wrong, and I demand an apology, 'Martin'.

What's worse is that you claim I have "hatred for ... Jews". That is simply unacceptable behaviour, 'Martin', as it is a vicious lie, and in fact is akin -- given the historical connotations of such a charge -- to the "blood libel" that real anti-Semites have perpetrated against the Jews for centuries. Back up your scurrilous accusation with some evidence, or I'm going to have to ask the proprietors to delete your nasty lie.

Here's three more sentences for you to put into italics and hand wring on.

I put stuff in italics so people can see more easily who said what.

I posted this website to show you are one that FLAME has targeted, guest Arne.

Oooooohhhhhh. So "FLAME" has targetted little ol' me, eh? You know, 'Martin', if they have done so (which I doubt), they're so stoopid that they're more likely a danger to themselves than to me. But tell 'em for me, wouldja, "Bring it on....", seeing as you seem to know them well enough to speak for them.... I'll be waiting right over here.