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Posted By: Arne
01-Feb-06 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
Subject: RE: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
As some of clueless have mentioned on this forum, the ones who say they know Jews who do not support Israel, there is always going to be Jews who are loathsome of themselves and Israel just as there is a faction of them against American policies, also.

You misspelled "observant", 'Martin'. I'd say that it is your unsubstantiated opinion that those that do not "support Israel" (or actualy, more accurately, don't support at least some of the Israeli gummint's policies) are "self-loathing". As for Americans [more accurately, those in the U.S.] that are "against American policies", don't look now, 'Martin', but that seems to be a majority of the U.S. public.....

Keep whistlin', 'Martin'.

The hatred is aimed against the state of Israel, which, according to the new anti-Semites, represents all that is evil in the world....

Ummm, no, actually, this is according to you, 'Martin'. You're a liar when you say it's according to them.

Paul [peplying to Wolfgang]:

So you're saying Israel isn't a Jewish state?

Dunno what Wolfgang thinks, but 'Martin Gibson' made such a claim pretty much a centrepiece of his other "anti-Semitism" thread, with much ado about the Star if David on the flag and all. I will posit that Israel is not strictly speaking a "Jewish state", but it would be stretching reality far beyond the truth to overlook the religious aspect of the foundation of Israel and the pervasive influence, nay dominance, of the religious in Israeli gummint, notwithstanding they do have Arabs and/or Muslims in gummint even within Isreal proper.