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Posted By: CarolC
01-Feb-06 - 02:17 AM
Thread Name: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
Subject: RE: BS: FLAME and radical liberal anti-semitism
I just now stumbled across this perspective that I had not encountered previously. According to these Jews, Zionism is against Jews...

"Zionism is Against Jews

For many of us the reason that we are adamantly opposed to Zionism is because yes its committing crimes against the Palestinian people, yes because its condemning Jews in Israel to a life of insecurity and danger, and yes because the Zionist movement ultimately said that Jewish life outside Palestine is not worth savings - the first president of the state of Israel Chaim Weisman referred to the Jews of Europe as human dust not worth saving.

For many of us the reason for our adamant opposition to Zionism is not only though it is as well seeing what it is doing to the Palestinians and seeing that there cannot be any solution, any just solution, any lasting solution in the middle-east that doesn't undo the wrong that has been done by the Zionist movement for Palestinians, but also because we say if there is again an up surge of hatred against Jews, the Zionists will not be the ones to protect us - they will be the ones to betray us. And for me certainly its an absolute fundamental for my whole political existence that Zionism is not just something I am opposed to - it is my enemy. This is part of the reason why we are taking steps to establish an organisation Jews Against Zionism"