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Posted By: clare s
20-Jan-00 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
I've just been on the 'phone Nic and Julia Jones - I'm not really a friend but I 'phoned anyway...

My initial idea - hinted at here - was to swap tapes, home burned CDs, whatever of the 'first 4' albums (accepting that this is techically completely illegal - but in my view morally reasonable) and then send cheques to 'Mollie Music' (Nic and Julia's publishing company) for whatever we felt appropriate.

However, whilst been touched by the thought, Julia does not want this to happen. She likes to play by the book, and didn't like the idea of explaining all these anonymous cheques to the taxman. So please respect her views and lets forget the idea.

She mentioned several things about Mr Bulmer and Celtic Music which she asked me not to repeat here.

What she did say however, is that the one way we can best help is to find someone who knows about bankruptcy law. Julia feels that she owns all the publishing and is unsure whether the Celtic Music takeover was entirely legal. She and Peter Coe are still fighting, but I got the impression that she's getting a bit tired of it.

The good news is that 'In Search Of 2' is on it's way...

Please respect Julia's wishes as regards the above - however cross you are

Hope this is of interest