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Posted By: Old Guy
23-Jan-06 - 01:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Bobert: Here are two examples of why flies are always buzzin' aroumd your shoes:

Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
From: Bobert - PM
Date: 12 Nov 05 - 12:11 AM

Amos, just fir thr record, doesn't do cut 'n pastes, Old Guy. He posts real stories and real op-eds that appear in the corner newspapers... Big difference between that, since he has to go out into th real world or reportin' and find his material rather than go to some right wingnut web site thast has all this corportist bought crap all prepared so, one click 'n yer off on a smoke break!!!!

Purdy disgustin'.... All my stuff is orignial... Well, yeah, I read the Post cover to cover and read as lot of other stuff and even watch the corporate news on TV an' then afetr takin' all it in, come out with what I* have gleaned to be the truth...

I don't go to Move on 'er nuthuin".... All ya' gotta do is read the Post and the Sunday NY times an you can get the big piccure...

Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
From: Amos - PM
Date: 22 Jan 06 - 11:56 AM

Another report from the Onion on the Rove leak scandal:

Rove Implicated In Santa Identity Leak

WASHINGTON, DC�The recent leak revealing Santa Claus to be "your mommy and daddy" has been linked to President Bush's senior political adviser and deputy chief of staff Karl Rove.

"If this devastating leak, which severely undermines the security of children everywhere and has compromised parent-child relations, came from the highest levels of the White House, that is an outrage," said former Bush counterterrorism adviser and outspoken Bush Administration critic Richard Clarke.

The identity of the mythical holiday gift-giver, previously known only in grown-up circles, was published in the popular Timbertoes cartoon in the December issue of Highlights For Children. Jean Abrams, a conservative firebrand known to have close ties to Bush appointees in the Department of Education, revealed "Santa" to be a code name for anonymous parental gift-giving. ...

Big pictures from the NY Times:

"Iraq Has Network of Outside Help on Arms, Experts Say", New York Times, November 20, 1998, By Barbara Crossette

"AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE OVERVIEW; U.S. Says Iraq Aided Production Of Chemical Weapons in Sudan", New York Times, August 25, 1998, by Steven Lee Myers

"Iraq Suspected of Secret Germ War Effort", New York Times, February 8, 2000, By Barbara Crossette

"Signs of Iraqi Arms Buildup Bedevil U.S. Administration", New York Times, February 1, 2000, By Steven Lee Myers

"FLIGHT TESTS SHOW IRAQ HAS RESUMED A MISSILE PROGRAM", New York Times, July 1, 2000, By Steven Lee Myers

"C.I.A. Orders Inquiry Into Charges of Chemical Arms Cover-Up", New York Times, November 2, 1996, by Philip Shenon

"Czechs Say They Warned U.S. Of Chemical Weapons in Gulf", New York Times, October 19, 1996, By Philip Shenon

"C.I.A. REPORT SAYS IT FAILED TO SHARE DATA ON IRAQ ARMS", New York Times, April 10, 1997, By Philip Shenon

"U.N. Reveals New Evidence Of Gas From 2d Iraqi Depot", New York Times, July 30, 1997, By Philip Shenon

"Expert Panel Says Pentagon Ignored Evidence of Poison Gas", New York Times, October 31, 1997, By Philip Shenon

"Clinton Says Iraq's Balking Over Weapons Will Backfire", New York Times, November 3, 1998, By Philip Shenon

But Old Guy, those NY Times aticles are from the 90's.

Yeah the NY Times was either full of shit then or it is full of shit now. If they were full of shit then why pay attention to more of the same?