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Posted By: Amos
19-Jan-06 - 11:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Old Guy,

I am assuming all of these:

GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 10:44 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 10:15 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 09:51 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 09:39 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 09:24 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 07:22 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 07:14 AM
GUEST 19 Jan 06 - 06:46 AM

are your efforts. The intention of them is clear enough -- suppress the thread by dumping extraneous material in a battle of egos. It seems to amuse you because in some dark corner of your wormy mind you think that finding old essays of mine on the web, or past articles containing my name, or things I sent to other discussion groups, or long screeds, will just bury the truth about George Bush.

Old Guy, I am going to ask you once more to become a civilized person and limit your posts to coherent and relevant information and opinions in keeping with the guidelines of the FAQ; you may have a sense of decency underneath this foaming schnauzer modality and I would like to appeal to it.

If you will not, I predict that you will find a lot of new threads on the various heinous offenses perpetrated by the Bush Administration, and this thread will be closed because of your inability to comport yourself as a citizen.

If I sound a bit impatient, it is because I am; your effort to denigrate me makes me a little sad and as it continues, a little angry. IT is saddening to realize that even in a relatively decent community like Mudcat, the world will always find a ravening psycho to add to the mix and make things worse for others. You are, in short, acting like a world-class dipshit here, pal. You need manners, and are showing none.

You have shown that you want to make this a personal matter, not a discussion topic; and in doing so you are declaring yourself as a personal enemy. I don't have many of those, in fact I have none; but you seem really intent on it. I am not much practiced in enmity, but I am willing to give it a try if you think it is a really good idea for some reason; I'd like to know what the reason is, though. Making the planet safe for warmongering, perhaps? I dunno. So what's the deal here? You declaring personal war? Lemme know so I can find my gloves so I can take them off. Yeah, right.