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13-Jan-06 - 01:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
Subject: RE: BS: Popular Views of the Bush Administration
I under stand what you are trying to say Bobert but the thread says non music.

I don't have a thing against music except rap and that heavy acid stuff. I mostly like bluegrass but not the whiney stuff. I like classical, big band, rock, pop, new age, folk, irish, hell I even listen to middle east music on Link TV. I found a cool Syrian song once called Odawoola or something like that that rocked.

I don't have a thing against musicians. I like musicians. My wife plays the piano, my grand son has a banjo, guitar, keyboard, drums, trumpet and excels on the clarinet. My Bro in law plays bluegrass and I go to his house some times. I have some Amish friends up in new york and both families play bluegrass.

One finger on my left hand has the end mashed and It is too blunt to make chords. I even tried a bass guitar cause the strings are so far apart but the strings hurt. I am on the lookout for a tenor sax and one day I am going to snag one and give it a go.

There aint nothing wrong with playing music and the more people playing it the better the world will be.

However, entertainment folks think they have superior intelligence when it comes to the way things should be vs the way they are and they try to use their musical or, more often, their acting status to promote "a better world" They try to persuade other folks that are pretty well satisfied to revolt against the system. They use their popularity like a tool.

People gather here and spout their enlightened views on things and get sustenance from each other. They think no body will oppose them here. they feel safe, cloistered and protected. They get out of touch with way the other 90 % thinks.

When somebody stumbles in a sees nuggets of truth like George Bush is worse that Adolph Hitler, their hackles stand up a little and they say well it is time somebody told these people that they are not the chosen ones, the keepers of the truth and they proceed to enlighten the enlightened ones.

Well it's like stirring up a nest of meany bees and they start swarmin all over you a stingin you with real mean words like asshole, idiot, fuck you, dumb ass. Words that are nasty and mean spirited at the same time they are accusing "them" of being mean.

Then you give them some facts to try to prove to them that they don't necessarily know everything and they immediately find a superficial reasons why your facts are invalid. Then you say where are your facts? and they proceed to tell you people's opinion or their own opinion and say that it is fact. You point out to them how they try to use sarcasm and name calling and distortion of their opponents names to try prove their unprovable position on something.

Do the same to them and they finally start looking for some real facts but only the ones they cherry pick. You get them nailed down to a simple question that they can't answer with out contradicting themselves and they shift to something else. You hear astounding new philosophical theories like "Stats are for losers"

After a certain amount of countering their non facts with your real facts they get backed into a corner and get reeeaaal mean and tell you to get out of our town, you don't belong here

Amos is probably an OK guy but for whatever the reason he is way off in his thinking processes. He may be too smart. I see he has a trail a mile wide about all the weird crap in his past and I don't think he is qualified to be telling other people what is normal or abnormal. Suppose he ran for public office? How would his record compare to his arch enemy?

I saw his anti-Bush pro-Kerry thread and when I saw Kerry on TV badmouthing anything that looked like progress in Iraq, I started an anti-Kerry thread. Well purty soon Amos was attacking and telling me how stupid I was so I did the same on his thread. even after Bush won and Kerry lost he kept it up like some poor demented soul. Like those Japanese soldiers they found over in the Phillipines (I got branded a racist for celling them Japs) 60 years after the war ended. I guess he thinks if he gets the thread long enough no body will wait while it loads and nobody will oppose his perfect logic.

Hey Amos buddy, have a few pina coladas or a pull on the jug and stare at the fish tank for a while. The world aint gonna cave in any time soon and you don't have to keep propping it up.

Now you people can rant and rave and do all the name calling you want as is your right but you won't change anything unless you get involved in public service and then maybe you can change things.