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Posted By: GeorgeH
18-Jan-00 - 04:16 AM
Thread Name: Nic Jones
Subject: RE: Nic Jones
JenEllen: The parallels between Jones/Dylan and Carthy/Simon are not as strong as you suggest, but these matters have been debated endlessly on (where I've upset a lot of folks by standing firmly in the Carthy/Jones camp) and are not worth reviving here; anyone interested can visit DejaNews and see the original in all its gory. But it's fair to say neither Jones nor Carthy has ever put it as strongly as "being screwed". And Nic's family have MUCH more reason to feel agrieved by the refusal of Celtic Music to re-release his back catalogue (anyone wanting more info on this can look for a recent post of Pete Coe's on concerning the Bandoggs album).

Personally, I prefer the unavailable "From the devil to a stranger" album to "Penguin Eggs".

And - IMO - it's unreasonably downbeat to suggest "everything continues as before" with Nic. There was a slow but steady improvement in Nic's health, mental and physical, over many years. These days he seems more "back to usual" than one would have ever imagined possible in the years immediately after his accident. The sleve notes on the "In Search of Nic Jones" CD are presented as if Nic wrote them and I've no reason to doubt this is the case; if so, they are a strong testament to the extent of his recovery. There was also an article in a fairly recent issue of Folk Roots which gives a similar, strongly positive message.

At the same time things can't be easy for Nic and his family; the could certainly make use of the royalties from everyone here buying the Penguin Eggs and In Search of Nic Jones CDs - and purchasers would be rewarded by two very fine recordings, as well.

BTW (Trivia point) there are many other albums with Nic playing as a session musician - including the Richard & Linda Thompson "Pour Down Like Silver".