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Posted By: GUEST,Anonny Mouse
07-Jan-06 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pat Robertson- Apoplectic Voice of God
Subject: RE: BS: Pat Robertson- Apoplectic Voice of God
Quote 6: "... interesting point Anonny M. There is an Anglican church here in Saint JOhn's that has been running a hot lunch program for the inner city kids since 1898. The church had to close down in November along with this benevolent program because it couldn't afford the heat, upkeep, let alone the weekly food costs. sIx"

Yeah and we have a quilters group that comes in on Monday mornings to make un-fancy quilts, filled with batting thanks to a Serta plant nearby, and they donate the blankets/quilts to a Salvation Army battered womens' shelter-to moms and kids-and they get to keep them. And we have such a humongous ol'heat-sucking building these ladies work with their coats on mostly all winter and we're worried about programming the thermostats to keep THEM going. Local soup kitchen is running outta food for homeless and poor neighborhood kids too. Meanwhile that buttwipe Robertson is out there on cable everyday spewing his hatred and judgemental CRAP in the name of Christians rakin' in dough from homebound widows and suckers who think his toothy smile is purely divine--makes me wanna puke!!! Any Christian who doesnt worry about the plight of the middle east, Israel, Arameans just is Biblically ignorant. Anyone who'd celebrate somebody having a stroke like Sharon is a fool.