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Posted By: GUEST,Anonny Mouse
06-Jan-06 - 07:35 PM
Thread Name: BS: Pat Robertson- Apoplectic Voice of God
Subject: RE: BS: Pat Robertson- Apoplectic Voice of God
Quote Bat Godess: "Are polititians the only ones who take this guy seriously? He gives Christians a bad name -- surely other Christians know he doesn't speak for Christians. And surely anyone who agrees with him has never read the New Testiment." Linn (former Lutheran from a large Midwestern town)

Amen to that!!! He is a blight, a self righteous moron who like ya said gives a bad name to Christians and Id imagine a fair amount of Jewish people who'd like to see an end to the neverending war over there. I'm still pickin' my jaw off the floor after listening to that IDIOT sphincter on all the cable news networks. I think HE'S demonic!!!!!!!!! Even the politicians are treating him like the plague he is after the Sharon thing.

Thing is no matter how low these slimies go they manage to crawl back outta their holes and back on TV--lookit Swaggert, Bakker etc. Swaggerts STILL on a batch of cable channels sweatin' and cryin' at his piano. Why IS that?? But the local church around the corner can't pay for its heat.