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Posted By: LadyJean
06-Jan-06 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Pat Robertson- Apoplectic Voice of God
Subject: RE: BS: Pat Robertson- Apoplectic Voice of God
The thing nobody seems to notice is that Pat Robertson is the man behind the y2k bug scare that made fools out of so many people, and had a lot of computer programmers working overtime 6 years ago. He started flogging the idea that all the computers would shut down at midnight on New Year's eve of the year 2000 in spring of 1999. By November the mainstream media was picking it up, and pressing it as a possibility, which it never was. He created a panic and never had to answer for it.
I'm waiting for him to start the next one. He's got his own TV show to spread all the deadly rumors he wants to.
OH! After Katrina, FEMA listed Robertson's Operation Blessing as a charity to support if you wanted to support hurricane survivors. Half of all donations to Operation Blessing go to Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network.