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Posted By: Abby Sale
31-Dec-05 - 09:59 AM
Thread Name: happy? - Dec 31 (Sylvester / Hogmanay)
Subject: happy? Dec 31 (Sylvester / Hogmanay)
         Today is Sylvester, tomorrow New Year,
        I'm waiting 'neath your window
        You know why I'm here.
        Throw me a kiss so I'll know you're sincere;
        If you refuse me then I'll disappear;
        Today is Sylvester, tomorrow New Year.

                "Today Is Sylvester" from Christmas with Marais and Miranda

ALSO: (One of my favorite silly songs)

        Last Hogmanay at Glesca Fair
        There was me, mysel' an' sev'ral mair
        An' we a' resolved tae hae a tear
        An' spend the nicht in Rothesay, O!
        We wandered through the Broomilaw,
        Thro' wind and rain, and sleet and snaw
        An' at forty meenits efter twa
        We got the lenghth o' Rothesay, O!

         CHO: A hir-rum-a-doo, a doo-a-day
              A hir-rum-a-doo, ma daddy, O
              A hir-rum-a-doo, a doo-a-day
              The day we went tae Rothesay, O!

                 "(The Day We Went To) Rothesay-O"
                 Norman Buchan, 101 Scottish Songs also in DigTrad filename & MacColl

Ok, ok.    St. Sylvester I, pope from 314 to 335. Western feast day December 31 (Eastern feast day January 2)

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