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Posted By: Don Firth
17-Dec-05 - 10:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: How Many Mudcat Members are Libertarians
Subject: RE: BS: How Many Mudcat Members are Libertarians
Right on, Deda.

One of the major factors that brought the Roman Empire down was when Constantine embraced Christianity (by then, what Jesus taught had somehow managed to get totally lost in the bickering between the various bishops) and said, "Dogma is what I say it is!" The eventual result was the Dark Ages (The Closing of the Western Mind, by Charles Freeman). Makes one wonder where we're headed now. . . .

I use to be gung-ho about Ayn Rand's writing. Then I saw some of the real world and outgrew it. Makes me wince when I think of some of the stuff I used to believe.

Don Firth